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Consulting & Training in Telecommunications, Healthcare & Software

Deskphones options for businesses

Cloud Collaboration, voice, video, high speed internet and Mobility solutions.


Cordless Phones options for businesses

Broadband solutions & services suitable for small, medium & large businesses.


IP Telephony Solutions & services

We provide additional services and better than before in healthcare industry.


Consulting Services

We provide consulting services Pre-Sales, solution design, sales demonstrations, Pre-studies/feasibility studies, Business development, Application design and service creation. .

Project Management

Certified PMP, PRINCE2 and ITIL Project managers with many years of experience in telecom technology, software applications, fibre optics deployments and roll-out of complex services in financial and government sectors.

Customer Training

Brimcom offers fully customised training programs for end users and executives, ranging from basic systems introductions to advanced solutions training. The mode of delivery can be face to face, webinars or video training. .

Go to Market

Qualified and experienced Go To Market staff who can develop GTM strategy, plan and execute the activities such as promotions, campaigns, pricing, collaterals, enable online channels, ensuring training, support, and deliver their unique value proposition to customers achieving competitive advantage.

The GTM team leverages best practices to help our clients select the right channel mix and customer segments for their product offerings.

Professional Services

Our professional services team has experience in provisioning, commissioning, installation, system testing, system verification and configuration management.

Professional services team helps customers plan, design, implement and manage IT systems. The team plans, uploads and tests new releases in the customer environment. Documentation gets signed off from customer and ensures proper handover to the customer support teams.

Business Case Development

Our team delivers complete business case ( business plan) with the idea, scope, project charter, requirements details, cost and revenue forecast, project schedule and delivery plan, risks, dependencies and impacts.

We explore all feasible approaches to a given problem and present a well-structured and well-crafted written document intended to convince the decision makers to approve or make a well informed conscious decision.

Telephony features and Offerings

Business Phone features

  • Option of Hunt Group
  • Voice mail to Email
  • Auto Attendant
  • Busy Lamp Field
  • Simultaneous Ring
  • Sequential Ring

Collaboration Features

  • Instant Messaging ( Chat )
  • Desktop Sharing
  • File Transfer
  • Group Chat/ My Room
  • Presence/availability status
  • Audio/Video Conferencing

Fixed & Mobile Convergence

  • Use fixed number on mobile via soft client
  • Use fixed number natively/flexible from mobile
  • Call transfer from mobile
  • Change fixed phone settings from mobile

Other Optional Features

  • Call Centre
  • Hot Desking
  • Real Time Billing
  • Experienced support staff
  • Web Attendant Console
  • Microsoft Lync Integration

NEC, Avaya, Nortel, Alcatel-Lucent, and Panasonic

Solution design, customisation, deployment & training for major PBX phone systems and solutions.

Expert advice, design, deployment and training

We offer setup, training and customisation of the PBX pone systems ensuring the user experience is aligned with the customer expectations.

Improve productivity, efficiency & customer experience

Improve your business productivity, employee efficiency and experience with one of the advanced the PABX phone systems.

Multiple Data Plans

Enterprise Internet, Business Internet and a number of data plans available on Fibre Optic, ADSL & NBN.

ADSL2+ and NBN

Data plan for 10GB, 100GB and unlimited data from 12Mbps to 100Mbps.

No Lock-in Contracts

There is an option of No Lock-in contract that gives all the flexibility and peace of mind if you don't have enough budget.

Entertainment Bundle

Entertainment bundles are offered on your ADSL2+ connection, without the need to purchase an additional expensive set top box. Modems are available pre configured for IPTV.

Free WiFi with selected plans

A compatible free Wi-Fi is available with selected plans delivered to your premises free of charge.

Super Fast Bundles

Super fast bundles with speed up to 100 Mbps.Super fast ADSL2+ speeds with a monthly usage quota to suit your usage and business needs.

Choose Download Speeds For Your Business

To achieve optimal ADSL2+ speeds, customers must use an ADSL2+ capable modem and have filters installed on all telephone outlets.

Limited Data & Unlimited Data Plans on ADSL2+ and NBN

Broadband plans ADSL2+ are available for 50GB, 150GB & 500GB, and ADSL2+ unlimited data plans for up to 20Mbps speed.

Pay As Yo Go, or Unlimited Calls Included

You can manage your budget with Pay As You Go calls with data plan, or you can opt for unlimited standard national calls bundle with a fixed monthly payment.

Our Consulting & Professional Services

Unified Communications Consulting Services

  • IP handsets setup & configuration
  • Cloud telephony solution consulting
  • Auditing and infrastructure dimensioning
  • Business case development

Project management and program delivery

  • Project planning
  • Project scope development
  • Defining financial KPIs
  • Project implementation
  • Post implementation reviews, verification testing

Turn key project delivery in healthcare

  • Requirements gathering for healthcare centres
  • Choice of vendors & suppliers
  • Flexible pricing options
  • Procurement process
  • Delivery of solutions

Project documentation & training delivery

  • Assessment of project documents required
  • Liaise with various stakeholders
  • Provide costings
  • Training Needs Analysis
  • Training delivery

Training development & Training delivery

Our customized training solutions can help organizations grow to meet the challenges of the modern world.

We can shape any of our standard unified communications and medical technology courses or even create new courses to fit your needs.

Our On-Site Training costs are all-inclusive from instructor travel to demo equipment setup/tear down and everything in between.

Consulting and Implementation Services

Our consulting services focus on our clients' most technology needs, any issues and opportunities.

We can assist with strategy, marketing, project management, technology, digital transformation, analytics, accounting and finance and training delivery.

Our clients can control their costs on consulting services by only purchasing as much services from the outside consultant as desired.

Professional services with innovation systems

We help our clients with professional services that includes design, project management, implementation, and support.

We closely work with our clients on a reliable pricing model and scope of work, and a clear but detailed system solution. We provide turnkey communications and network assessment, design, implementation, integration and documentation.

We ensure we deliver per customer's expectations so they can focus on their core competencies.

Choose Your Solution

Following are some of the options you could choose from:

Real-time communication services

Real-time communication services such as voice, video, Instant Messaging (IM), telephony, video conferencing and data sharing into a single communication platform.

Customise your business solution as required

On top of voice and video telephony, you can add Call Centre, Unified messaging, Advanced Receptionist Console, Mobility ( Fixed Mobile Convergence, or a soft client), Microsoft Lync Integration or a Virtual Meeting Room with a dedicated conference number.

Pay As you Go Option

Once data and system is setup, you can go on a monthly plan. Handsets can be rented, service can be paid monthly.

Take your business to the ultimate level with Brimcom