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Healthcare Technology Solutions

Remote consultation via video collaboration

Patients in remote and rural areas can conveniently connect to medical doctor via video communication solutions.


Integrated devices for remote diagnosis

Broadband connectivity & high speed internet helps the integrated medical devices to remotely diagnose.


Secure information exchange via Telehealth

Secure and reliable exchange of patient information, files and images between remote areas.


Remote monitoring and reliable tracking

Doctors can be consulted remotely to review real-time patient data, that saves travel time, cost and helps efficient scheduling of appointments.

Remote monitoring is revolutionizing people's life in rural and emerging markets, where healthcare services are limited.


More and more connected devices

A lot more Healthcare service providers are using IoT healthcare devices and tools in order to make use of efficient healthcare technology.

Healthcare devices such as BP monitors, Virtual Reality, Brainwaves including headsets, Google Glass, etc. helped the healthcare industry reach a new level.


Collaboration & secure data transfer

IOT Solutions in healthcare provides real-time analytics and reporting to monitor medical staff productivity.

Innovative IOT solutions are securely connecting patients, doctors, and processes to increase access, quality of care, and efficiency.It helps teams work better, with each other and with patients.


Telehealth for cities & remote areas

Technology that remotely connects healthcare services & patients

IP TV - Video On Demand

Feature rich, reliable, and efficient video content distribution on demand .

Remote Consultation

Telehealth video systems empower health service organisations offering remote patient consultation in regional and rural areas.

Patient Education Content

Interactive patient education, patient engagement and clinical workflows enhance patient outcomes throughout the patient management process .

Telemedicine & Telehealth Video Conferencing Solutions

Telehealth enables people and medical patients to diagnosis chronic diseases by using technology.

The Telehealth solutions help GP, healthcare service providers and their contact centres assess and monitor the quality of life of remote patients and citizens. This helps improving general health and life style of citizens.

Healthcare Training, Education and rehabilitation

One of the benefits of Telehealth and Telemedicine solution is to provide quality training and education where travel is expensive, difficult or not possible.

It also helps rehabilitation of patients who may be living remotely, and don't want to incur high cost of travel.GPs and consultants can remotely monitor and advise using Telehealth.

Long Distance Video Consultation

General Practitioners, Psychiatrist, Orthopaedic surgeons and other healthcare providers can conveniently talk to remote patients even cross borders.

It is a cost effective way of connecting people to their doctors. It's more than just a way of communication and convenience, it also helps scheduling the appointments and efficient use of doctor's time.

Main Features of Our Telehealth Solution

Medical education over a distance

  • Fast access to learning
  • Flexibility & manageable for doctors & patients
  • Cost effective as it saves travel
  • Avoid risk of road congestions

Online Video Consultation

  • Efficient use of time
  • Secure & reliable communication
  • Secure file and images transfer
  • Flexibility when to see doctor

Increased Access, Wider Reach

  • Connect to overseas consultants
  • Consult cross border experts
  • Manage availability
  • Private & Confidential

Access to Remote & Rural Areas

  • Convenience for rural citizens
  • Avoid long distance travels
  • Maintain life style living remote & in rural areas
  • Efficient technology

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